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As experienced dental practice transition lawyers and medical contract attorney, our first priority is setting up your practice for success and to minimize your legal and financial liabilities. We approach each client and their practice differently because we believe the same solution do not work for every client, and practicing law goes beyond going through the same motions for different clients. 

In dental transitions, our dental practice transition lawyers will work closely with you to determine the form of entity, the structure of the transaction, and the terms of a contract that is best suitable for you based on your goals and plans. After all you are the one who has to live with those decisions and outcomes and what matters most is that you are happy with them, not the attorney who represents you.

The same is true for doctors and physicians who are interested in buying or selling a medical clinic. Our experienced medical contract attorney can provide you with stellar legal representation. We have many satisfied clients whose legal fees were more than paid for in the savings that we were able to negotiate for them.

As the founding member, Shane has personally represented dentists and physicians in the transition of their dental and medical practices for over 17 years. During this time, he has been invited to be a lecturer and presenter at various dental and medical societies and associations as well as the Maryland State Bar Association for presentations on legal issues involved in buying and selling dental and medical practices. (PowerPoint Presentation (

Our dental practice transition lawyers and medical contract attorney have worked in various areas of dental and medical law, from negotiating and drafting asset and stock purchase agreements, start-up of new dental and medical practices, contracts for buying-in and becoming a “partner” in dental and medical practices, buying-out a partner’s interest in a practice, drafting and negotiating dentists’ and physicians’ associate employment contracts, negotiating lease agreements and contracts for the purchase of office space, and litigation of contract disputes.

Whether you are searching for dental practice transition lawyers to represent you in your dental transition or legal matters for your existing practice, or if you are looking for representation by a medical contract attorney to represent you in selling or buying a medical office, feel free to contact us for a consultation. 

Book Your Consultation with our healthcare lawyers for your dental practice, medical office, or veterinary hospital today. or call us direct (301) 309-9002.

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