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The good news for my veterinarian friends and clients is that they are not affected by the significant number of laws, rules, and regulations that have swept the medical field for the last twenty years or so. Also, the demand for veterinarian clinics has been on the rise as more people are more invested in their furry friends. For the same reason, there are substantial business and career opportunities for veterinarians. Although veterinarians do not have to comply with Stark Law, Anti-Kickback statutes or HIPAA regulations, they are still subject to many legal and financial pitfalls that are presented in commercial transactions.

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Veterinary Practice Sale Attorney

While you should be excited about starting a new vet clinic, you should take the appropriate steps to minimize any potential damage to your personal assets. I can represent you in buying or selling your vet clinic from “A to Z’ including your letter of intent, purchase agreement, and Closing. If you are starting up a new veterinarian pracice, I can help you choose and form the proper business entity, whether an LLC, PC, or a partnership. I can help you prepare for various business contingencies through shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and partnership agreements. I can also represent you in buying-in or buying-out of a vet clinic as a shareholder, a member, or a partner, drafting and reviewing associate employment contracts, as well as selling, buying, and leasing commercial real estate for your offices. Finally, as an experienced litigator I can vigorously prosecute or defend your rights in court if you have a partnership dispute or commercial dispute with third parties.

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