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Healthcare Attorney for Your Next Practice Transition and Legal Matters for Your Existing Practice

Whether you are about to embark on buying or selling a practice, or if you already own a practice and need your legal and corporate documents reviewed to make sure you are compliant and well protected, our Medical and Dental Practice Attorney can provide you with top legal representation and negotiation for your anticipated medical or dental practice sales or for keeping your existing practice compliant with various legal, corporate, or healthcare laws.

Our healthcare attorney is here to walk the dental and medical practice buyers through the entire process from A-Z, represent our clients in negotiating the best contract and deal that specifically suits them, and to fully represent your interest and advocate on your behalf. Since 2005, Kamkari Law’s healthcare lawyers and Dental Medical Practice Attorneys have had the good fortune of representing physicians, dentists. and veterinarians starting with personal friends.

Whether you are a dentist who is seeking to expand your practice, a physician who has cared for patients for many years and is now looking to retire and sell your practice, or an associate veterinarian looking to buy into a veterinary practice, our healthcare lawyer and Dental Medical Practice Attorney can help you reach your goals while minimizing your risk and legal and financial liabilities. 

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Healthcare Lawyers and Medical Dental Practice Attorney
Proper Legal Representation by Experienced Healthcare Attorney to Minimize Your Dental or Medical Practice’s Risks and Liabilities

After selling, buying, or starting-up your practice, the last thing you want is to find out that your rights have not been properly protected in a contract and you now will have to deal with unexpected legal headaches or worse yet find out that there were liabilities for which you remain responsible. The issues involved in selling or buying run-of-the-mill businesses are different than many issues that come up and should be dealt with in transactions for selling or buying healthcare practices with which average business lawyers are not familiar.

Not only there are specific statutes that regulate certain aspects of dental and medical practices that could affect your contract, there is also increased scrutiny of healthcare practices and their compliance with these statutes. As a healthcare attorney who is experienced in negotiating medical and dental transitions, I can assure you that there are also non-legal issues that could affect the purchase price and the total sum that you end up paying for buying a practice or end up receiving for selling your practice, and our skilled and savvy Dental Medical Practice Attorney can make the difference in your bottom-line as well as your legal and financial liabilities.

Book Your Consultation with our experienced healthcare Lawyer whether you are seeking experienced legal representation for buying, selling, and start-up of dental, medical, or veterinary practices, bringing in a new “partner”, buying-out your partner’s interest in the practice, negotiating your lease agreement, or drafting and reviewing healthcare associate employment contracts.

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A. Shane Kamkari, Esq.

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Kamkari Law Healthcare Lawyers

Dental Practice Attorney & Lawyer

Your dental practice lawyer should not only be experienced in general commercial transactions law but there are healthcare statutes such as Stark and Antikickback laws that affect selling or buying a practice unlike the transactions for selling or buying a run-of-the-mill business; your attorney should therefore have solid knowledge and experience in selling or buying of dental and medical practices.

The first step is obviously finding a practice for sale that is well suited for you; that includes the location and size of practice, the seller’s demand for purchase price, and your over all goal and objectives. Once a suitable seller is found, the process starts with sending a letter of intent to the seller or the seller’s agent which expresses your interest in purchasing the practice. The letter of intent should include both binding and non-binding provisions.

I have received many calls and requests for consultation and representation from the parties to a transaction for selling or buying of dental and medical practices that have realized months after the Closing that they are liable for certain claims, contracts, and damages that was not intended to be a part of the transaction, but the contract was not drafted in such a way to protect them. This is particularly important if the other side is represented by an attorney, agent, and/or a broker. First, there are certain claims and liabilities that may automatically transfer from the seller to the buyer, whether those claim(s) were known or unknown during the negotiations, and whether the contract specifically provided for such transfer of liability or not.

Buying dental and medical practices offers many benefits to a potential buyer. The most important factor is having the financial predictability of buying an ongoing practice and knowing that immediately after the Closing you will have patients that will be waiting for you at your new office. This factor is more prominent in certain types of practices depending on whether your practice lends itself to patients that will be returning patients or is your practice heavily relies on other medical professionals referring patients.