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Although Stark Law applies to physicians, the Social Security Act defines a physician as a dentist, MD, DO, optometrist or a chiropractor. Similarly, the Anti-Kickback statutes are directly applicable to chiropractors and they are not spared from compliance with the False Claim Act or HIPAA regulations either. Essentially, chiropractors are highly regulated as their physician counterparts. Accordingly, a contract for selling or buying a chiropractor’s office, an associate employment contract, a referral arrangement, and a joint venture between a chiropractor and a medical equipment distributor must be legally compliant with these statutes.

It is noteworthy that there are certain exceptions and safe-harbors that provide for some of these arrangements to be legally consummated; however, a careful legal analysis is required to insure proper compliance.

While you should be excited about starting a new enterprise, you should take the appropriate steps to minimize any potential damage to your personal assets and wealth. I will represent you in selling or buying your medical office from negotiation through the Closing. If you are embarking on a new office start-up, I will represent you in formation of various business entities such as professional corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and partnerships as well as your office lease and other contracts. I will also assist you to prepare for various business contingencies through the use of shareholder agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, etc. Additionally, I represent chiropractors in buying-in and buying-out of practices as a shareholder, member, or partner, and for drafting or reviewing associate employment contracts. Finally, as an experienced litigator I can vigorously pursue or defend your rights in court.

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